My name is Roman Vukolov, and I’m the professional photographer located in Europe and working internationally. I specialize in industrial photography, property, interior photography and reportage. It is my work, my hobby and my way of life.


I have everything necessary to make beautiful pictures: professional cameras and lenses, powerful workstation with calibrated monitor, studio light equipment. Finally, I have the experience and knowledge as the main thing, that I improve with every new project.

There are few experienced photographers in my area of work. Especially they aren’t far from big cities. That’s why I often work in other cities and countries. Besides of Russia I have worked yet in Finland and Germany.


Awards and publications

I’ve received awards from the Russian Journalists Union and Russian Engineering Union for winning the industrial photography contest.

My Photos have been marked as best by the Moscow Metro and Sheremetyevo International Airport. The Russian Architects Union and architects of Metrogiprotrans use my photos in their exhibitions and project presentations.

My landscape and reportage pictures has been published by russian and foreign publishers. They printed in annual reports of Helsinki’s City hall and used for interior design in Moscow’s City hall. Also they are printing regularly by media around the world.


The Equipment

I’m using the professional equipment from Nikon. Those Cameras and lenses allow me to work in any circumstances. I can get the high-quality pictures for printing in high resolution. I have the full set of fast lenses that enables me to produce sharp pictures of events, bright portraits and show any object in precise details.

Even not so good-looking industrial or construction site can be shown not only documentary but beautifully. The power and machine building plants or underground mining works will be looking perfectly on my photos.
I use the wide set of studio and mobile light equipment in my work. Every object will be pictured beautifully and brightly with no dependence of it’s real environment and light condition.

I always seek the new uncommon angles and scenes. There is no equal pictures. That because my every customer get the unique and interesting photos and admires of how the pictured object looks like.



The Best and easy way to tell about something complicated is to show it with the well illustrated reportage. The Reportage photos show perfectly how things work or how the technical processes occur.

I photograph also for the news agencies and media. For example, TASS agency or Kommersant newspaper, a lot of advertising agencies, industrial and engineering companies like Siemens, Rosatom and much more.


Aerial photography

The Aerial photography is necessary when we need to show a new residential complex, housing estate or a huge plant. Only the Bird’s-eye view shows the scale of any human-made structures best of all. Not long ago such kind of photography has been possible only with the real aircraft. It was too pricey and sometimes impossible way. Today we have small remote controlled drones with on-board cameras. The amateur level drones are for sale even in toy stores. But we use only professional equipment that allow the maximal quality of picture, not available for “toys”. I work with experienced drone pilot. Together we ready to make the best aerial photos for you.


3d visualization

When it’s need to show how will the conceptual subject looks like or to show a product but making a photo is impossible, here comes the 3d modeling.
Not all of the drafts and sketches are understandable for buyers, employers or customers. It is easily to explain it with good looking realistic picture or infographic. Also not everything can be photographed because of their physical condition. For example, the dirty machine parts or structures are not the best for glossy advertising catalogs. They must be clear and shine. Gears or devices can’t be photographed or filmed with their parts visible from inside. Interiors, architecture, equipment, concepts and technical processes — I can make all of them in 3d rendered still or motion pictures.


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Virtual tour

Making the “the presence effect” enhances the success of advertising campaign in internet.
Where the classical “flat” picture not enough to show the space, the interactive virtual tour with 360 degree overview does it’s work. Every property buyer and tenant want to see what they pay for. The virtual tour is the best way to show property or workshop comprehensively as possible.


Social networks

Besides my primary job I’m also the active blogger. My blog has about 4700 subscribers and I like the Instagram where I have about 30 000 followers. The main theme in blogs is «how things made», travel photo and other beautiful, mostly technical, pictures. There I show my opportunities in industrial photography or interior photography. In posts I can make an illustrated story about your business. Especially if it connected with industry, construction, property or transportation. You will get the beautiful pictures and a post or series of posts as bonus.


Already work with me

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