3D modelling and visualization

How to create your own reality?

3D Modelling
and visualization

Modelling of the real or fictional objects is done according to drawings, photos or sketches. It can be a model for 3d printing, an object for a video game, architecture visualization or for a motion picture. I'm modeling objects for any purpose for 15 years. During this time I colaborated with about 30 local and foreign companies and intrepreneurs. I had long term contracts with most of them.

and interior visualisation

No architecture or interior design project is completed without 3D visualization. Let's show your customers what the object will look like before it is implemented.
However, modeling and visualization is needed not only to demonstrate future projects. This can be a model for a game level, a virtual stage for movie scene or for advertising photography. Tell me about your task and we will definitely figure out how to solve it.
The visualization of architecture and interiors is done both from scratch on the drawings, plans and photographs, and on the basis of ready-made models and scenes.

of 3D modelling
and visualization

I evaluate my work depending on the task. Here are the minimum prices for the tasks with which I often have to deal.
Of course, your task and budget may not fit into the proposed options. And it's ok. Just describe your task in detail, and we will come up something really cool for you!


from $34.70

3d visualization of things, appliances, furniture, accessories, vehicles and other objects. The Starting price is given as example for simple Ikea-like wardrobe.


from $99.70

Interior visualization.
Minimal price per М²:
Up to 3 pictures.


from $149

Architecture visualization.
Minimal price is given as example for simple private building without environment.
Up to 3 pictures.

* The Price depends on complexity of object. Please send me references and description for exact cost calculation.

** I'm considering both one-time and long term work.

*** If you don't allow me further use of models or renders: +50% of total work price.

6 reasons to hire me

Great experience

I have 15 years of experience in 3D modeling and visualization.
Expert in Blender, Autodesk 3D Max, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Gimp and some others. Work with drawings, sketches and photographies. Create models of any complexity and purpose. Also have experience in modelling for 3D engines and virtual reality.


All works will be finished on time. The photosession will never break, you will never forced to search me, remind and wait a result for weeks, like it happens with other creative freelancers somtime.
Have 20 years of freelance experience in total: I worked remotely before it became mainstream!

Officially registered

And we can work with a signed contracts and charging to account.
I'm paying taxes and fees on my own.
We also can work through Upwork.


I will be happy to be part of your team. Have experience in collaboration with designers, architects and game developers working all over the world.


I use powerful workstation with large professional monitor, and fast stable internet connection. Also educated in IT: my workplace is always up to date and in order.


Work with pictures is what fascinates me. Besides of CG I'm the professional photographer for more than 10 years. I know what I do and love it

And now tell me about you and your task

3D Artist, 3D modeling and visualization, CG, Archiviz, interior visualization, architecture visualization. 3D Artist in Europe, USA and worldwide.

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