Industrial photography

Even the small private factory must look perfect
on photo. Illustrate your company's site
with the professional promo pictures!
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Advertising photography

Mobile studio allows to photograph a lot of things: from small products and posing scenes, to vehicles and airplanes. Right at your side. Any place transforms to the photo studio!
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Architecture and interior

The Old grandma's house and luxiry penthouse, both look ideal on your property's website if they are photographed by a professional. Be ahead of concurrent who still try to sell one with miserable smartphone-made pictures.
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Aerial photography

The Best way to show industrial and cottage villages is to shoot them from above. There is no promo without aerial pictures and video today. Now you know where to order it!
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Virtual tour

Let's give the customer the opportunity to walk trough your property. The Best way to sell something is to touch. One virtual tour is more informative than tens of plain pictures.
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3D Visualisation

What if you need a photo of something nonexistent yet? The Project of the future, or too big thing for studio. Let's make a computer model and visualize it right now. Nothing impossible!
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Hi there!

My name is Roman Vukolov, and I’m the professional photographer located in Europe but working internationally.
I specialize in industrial photography, property, interior photography and reportage. It is my work, my hobby and my way of life.


I have everything necessary to make beautiful pictures: professional cameras and lenses, powerful workstation with calibrated monitor, studio light equipment. Finally, I have the experience and knowledge as the main thing, that I improve with every new project.


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Reportage photography, per hour — from 50 €

For information- and news-worthy events. One photographer works, one on-camera or external flash in use. You’ll get a common processed picture set. We may hire additional photographers if necessary.

Industrial photography, architecture and interior photography, advertising photography — from 500 €

One or more photographers works, external lighting units and other professional equipment in use. We may hire a visagiste and decorator also. You’ll get from 20 high-end, fine processed pictures in any format (jpeg, tiff, dng, raw and e.t.c.).

Virtual tour — from 80 €

The Spherical photography equipment in use. You’ll get one or more 360 degrees points of view, ready for publication with interactive elements and navigation.

Aerial photography — from 320 €

Crew of photographer and drone pilot works. You’ll get a set of high-end, fine processed aerial pictures from different views.

* Transfer and accommodation fees are NOT included.
** No, I’m NOT a wedding or “love-story” photographer!

3D modeling and visualization

Objects modelling — from 35 €

Interior visualization — from 250 €

Exterior or object visualization with environment — from 350 €

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